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Answers to Your Questions

What devices can I use in?

DuckVPN will work with all your devices such as mobile, laptop, computer pc, tablet pc as far as your device supports download and  install of our affiliate software/app.

How many devices can I connect at once ?

We allow 1 device to connect at once at one time, although you can use in all your devices but connect at one device at once.  This is to ensure connection stability and balance on network for all users.

Can I share my account with friends?

No, we do not allow account sharing, once we detect account is being shared, it will be considered as voilation of usage policy and your account will be suspended.

Does Your servers gives NETFLIX access?

Yes we prioritize to build servers that allow access to netflix, but sometimes the netflix detects the traffic coming from vpn servers and block the access, but you may contact us to see if we have alternate servers available to connect you on, depends on availability.

Do you have trial and refund option?

Yes we offer a 3 Day trial for new users, the refund option is also available for 14 days from the day of first purchase, not valid for renewals.

What websites can I browse?

As long as you are not indulging in any kind of scam of illegal activities you can browse any website, we intend to make service available for you to learn and improve in a good way !

experience ultra speed !

We believe is speed and connectivity that makes duckvpn, we will be happy to let  you experience a test ride on our servers, before you invest on us !